Vehicle insurance

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Buy insurance online – it is easy!

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Vehicle insurance

“London-Almaty” Insurance Company renders auto insurance services to individuals. We offer effective products which helped many vehicle owners solve their difficulties and problems associated with auto operation. Now we can offer the following types of auto insurance:

  • Compulsory insurance of Vehicle Owners’ Civil Liability (CIVOCL). Cost of the policy is the same with all insurance firms as far as fixed by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Insurance period is one year. Buy this product from us and we will give you guarantee of direct indemnity to the third persons. You can get payments in our office;
  • Voluntary vehicle insurance (Auto CASCO). After buying this type of insurance you can get costs back incurred by vehicle repair as the result of damage due to road accident, natural disasters, theft, robbery or other exposures. You can choose from good options as to price and functional necessity. Insured are vehicles that are not more than 20 years in use.

We will help with policy execution and answer all additional questions!