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Insured event occurred. What shall I do?


Step 1

Call traffic police officers to arrive via short number 102


Step 2

Call the adjuster 8 800 080 30 30


Step 3

Notify us in writing within 3 business days


Step 4

Provide documents required for insurance payment, find the list attached

About Extra CASCO


• Unconditional deductible on full death and “theft” risk (in % of the sum insured): 5%
• Age of vehicles taken for insurance: Not more than 7 years
• Risks insured: All
• Calling the traffic police to the accident site: Not obligatory if loss does not exceed kzt 300,000 any one occurrence
• Calling adjuster/insurer’s representative to the accident site: Obligatory
• Insured payment: Special service station as chosen by the insured (without account of amortization)
• Additional services: Insurance of the driver and passengers. Total sum for all insured – kzt 300,000. Additional premium insured – kzt 1,000
• Coverage: The Republic of Kazakhstan
• Term: 12 months till the sum insured is exhausted
• Special conditions: Services of tow truck and specialized equipment upon occurrence. Payment comes within 2 days after receipt of all documents.

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