Property insurance

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Buy property insurance policy “My House!”.
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Insurance of property of individuals and legal entities

London Almaty offers complex property insurance products for houses or apartments: My house and Housing question programs

Policy payments will be made in the following cases:

  • Flooding of home due to negligence of neighbors, emergencies in different utility systems;
  • Robbery and vandalism;
  • fire;
  • terroristic attack;
  • explosion of household gas;
  • natural disasters (earthquake, hurricane, avalanche, landslide, heavy rain);
  • fall of aircraft or cargo from height.


Under the programs, insurance policies are not issued for non-residential or temporarily vacant apartments and houses. Calculate full cost of the policy and file your request right now! In addition, when ordering through an online store, you can buy the right product to insure your property at 15% discount. Turn your house into a real safe fortress with us!