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Insurance of medical costs for people travelling abroad

1. Policy for travelers: what is it and what is it needed for?

Abroad travelers need the policy on two reasons:
Medical assistance. Traveler’s policy is safeguarding yourself from large and unplanned costs. Medical assistance in another country (even a simple medical advice or calling ambulance) will cost a lot. In some countries the tourists can be refused in medical assistance without policy. Cost of insurance for abroad travelers is ten times less than the traveler could spend in a foreign hospital in case of a common cold. Visa execution. One of the main conditions to obtain consent for entering many countries is availability of the health policy.

2. How is the cost formed?

There are 3 main criteria that can affect policy price:
Coverage (medical costs incurred to the company in case of insured event occurrence).
Age. Risk of any health problems for children and pensioners is higher, this is why cost of polices for them is more expensive.
Type of rest. Active sports are also associated with the risks of traumas and death, this is why insurance premium is higher.

3. Where can I apply for policy?

The easiest way to apply for the policy is on our website
How do I report an insured event?
Shared call center 5979 (free call around Kazakhstan) or London-Almaty Directorate in your region.

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