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Emergency insurance will help coping with most unexpected situations.

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Accident insurance

Accident insurance will help to compensate the insured or his/her relatives for temporary incapacity for work as a result of injury, serious injury, resulting in disability or death. The insured amount will be paid upon occurrence of the insured event on travel, at place of work or study and also on the journey.

Guaranteed payments

In case of temporary incapacity for work, the insured person can be compensated by one-off payment (the minimum payment is 3% of the insured sum) or on a daily basis at a rate of 0.2% of the insured sum for the period of up to 60 days. The amount of payment also depends on medical costs incurred.

London Almaty offers complex accident insurance services for individuals and groups of people, as far as employees of an entity can be insured under the contract too.